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PriMed Non-human Primate Model of Hypertension

Essential or primary hypertension is common in both human and non-human primates (~ 67% of middle aged adults). Spontaneous (non-experimentally-induced) hypertension in adult NHPs is extraordinarily similar to hypertension in humans (per AHA JNC7 defined categories)NHPs represent the optimal hypertensive animal model for therapies testing and for drug development.

Primed Spontaneous Hypertension NHP Capability

 Well established non-invasive blood pressure measurement in monkeys.

 Instrument: Dinamap Blood Pressure Monitor (GE Pro 100v2).

 Cuff placed on upper arm of monkeys while lying flat insupine position.

 BP obtained after ketamine anesthesia.

 At least 3 measurements taken same time at different days.

 Established normal blood pressure range in NHPs from ~400 monkeys blood pressure data.

 ~70 hypertensive rhesus macaques have been diagnosed.

 Parameters: Systolic BP, Diastolic BP, Mean BP, Heart rate.

PriMed Posters and Publications

ADA 77th Scientific Sessions, San Diego

2427-PUB: Determination and Evaluation of Hypertension in a Nonhuman Primate Model of Type 2 Diabetes

ADA 75th Scientific Sessions, Boston

2891-PO: The Characteristics of Blood Pressure of Type 2 Diabetic Monkeys

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