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PriMed Non-human Primate Model of Diabetic Retinopathy

The diabetic macular edema (DME) is the one of the major causes of visual loss in the world today. OCT and Fundus Photography (FP) are the most important tools in ophthalmology. The nonhuman primate model is the highest transnational models for novel drug development for which replicates the human ophthalmic pathologies including retinal thickening, cyst and fluid, hemorrhage, and morphological changes of vessels, optic nerve, etc.







Spontaneous Diabetic Macular Edema

 Set up 242 monkeys (7-22 years, longest duration of T2DM: 8 years, follow-up in 102 eyes of 51 monkeys) OCT and FP database.

 106 eyes from 70 monkeys with clinical or subclinical diabetic retinopathy.

 OCT and FP examination and analysis collaborated with Dr. Timothy Kern's team of Case Western Reserve University.

Imaging Capability 

 Extensive OCT and FP experience.

  Heidelberg Spectralis plus OCT.
  Kowa Fundus Camera.
  Fluorescence Angiography.
  Roland Electroretinogram.
  Imaging team with 10 employees (>2-yrs).

 OCT focusing on retinal thickness, cyst and fluid, drusen.

 Retinal thickness analysis: thickness Map, point counting.

 FP focusing on retinal exudate, hemorrhage, morphological changes of vessels, optic nerve by SIVA software.

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