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PriMed Non-human Primate Model of Radiation Syndrome

PriMed radiation syndrome NHP capability

 All procedures are GLP compliant.

 Several compounds have been validated with our ARS NHP models.

 Commercial cobalt-60 radiation source is close to monkey colony.

 Dosimeters (EPD-G, Thermo Scientific) are equipped.

 Chronic radiation syndrome models have been established.

 Low-dose exposure for 0.5-2 hours is available at 0.5-10 Gy/h.

 Acute radiation syndrome NHP models are established at 0.5-10 Gy/min.

 Over 100 SOPs have been established for acute radiation syndrome study.

 SPF monkeys are available at Primed Shines.

Benchmark Study

 Amifostine has been validated with our ARS NHP models

  All procedures are following GLP guidelines
  Parameters including survival curve, hematology, cytokines, pathology and clinical score.
  PK/PD and toxicity profiling

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