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PriMed focus on the pharmacokinetic (PK) studies, particularly in relation to preclinical diabetes and diabetic nephropathy syndrome. We supply rodents, rhesus monkeys and other laboratory animals which can be administrated by different routes. PriMed can undertake small molecule and  macromolecular compounds, Chinese medicine ingredients analysis study in vivo.

PriMed has an experienced team for PK studies, which has completed different PK test to evaluate new compounds. We will collaborated with sponsor to develop case by case study ,including study design, study research, data analysis, IACUC review and report. The sponser can also cooperate with PK or toxicology team to discuss appropriate method and monitore throughout the experiment.

Animal model:

 Mouse, rat, monkey

Dose route:

 Systemic: Oral, intravenous, subcutaneous, intraperitoneal.

 Central nervous system: Intraventricular, intracisternal, intrathecal.

 Medical devices: Subcutaneously implanted infusion pump, infusion pumps and other drug delivery technologies.


 Tail vein, foot dorsal vein, femoral vein, retro-orbital, CSF (cisternae, spinal cord), lymph.

Biological Matrix:

 Blood, plasma, urine, tissue, brain, cerebrospinal fluid, spinal cord.




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