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PriMed Non-human Primate Non-GLP Toxicology Studies

Obtaining high quality non-GLP toxicology data in the early stages of developing a new drug is a critical and cost-effective step in guiding a subsequent GLP toxicology program.

PriMed Shines’ research team has:

 Healthy NHPs for toxicology studies, as well as our unique collections of spontaneously diabetic, dysmetabolic, heart failure, eye disease and inflammation NHPs which can provide specific information if a client's test article(s) is targeted to treat one specific disease.

 Experience in the safety assessment of small molecules and biologics, including dosing, in-life observations, sample collection, and necropsy

 Extensive AAALAC accredited facility and established IACUC protocols for toxicology studies in small animals

 All procedures and practices following GLP general guidelines

 Strong working relationships with clinical labs, histologists and pathologists

PriMed Shines can assist with:

 Custom study design

 Complete study management

 GLP-style report generation (certain of PriMed Shines’ non-GLP toxicology study reports can submit to CFDA and FDA in support of IND filings)

PriMed Shines can manage the entire toxicology study from drug to report, with a rapid turnaround time and high quality results.

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