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 2017, June, 5 posters accepted by ADA 77th Scientific Sessions.

 2017, April, Experimental Biology.

 2017,February,APASL,Invited Oral Presentation and 2 Posters Accepted.

 2017, March,Keystone Symposium on Bile Acid Receptors as Signal Integrators in Liver and Metabolism.

 2016, December,Primed was selected in Top Innovative and Entrepreneurial Team of “Sichuan Talents Plan".

 2016, October, Primed successfully held (2nd) International Symposium on Major Innovative Medicine Research Development and Disease Models.

 2016, June,ADA 76th Scientific Sessions.

 2016, May,International Congress on Obesity.

 2015, December, Primed was selected in Top Innovative and Entrepreneurial Team of “Chengdu Talents Plan”.

 2015, October, successfully held “New Drug Research and Development Forum for NAFLD” with Pfizer and Haosen Pharmaceutical Co., ltd in Pfizer German Center, Shanghai.

 2015, June, Primed Biotech Obtained Full Accreditation of AAALAC International.

 2015, June, PriMed Biotech Attended ADA 75th Scientific Sessions and Successfully Held Primed ADA Receptionin Boston.

 2015, May, the Unveiling Ceremony of “Biomedical Science and Technology Translational Center of Ya’an, Sichuan” was Successfully Held in Ya'an.

 2015, April, Five Posters of PriMed Biotech was Accepted by ADA 75th Scientific Sessions.ADA Posters.

 2014, November, the BioTianfu Pharmaceutical R&D and Disease Model International Forum sponsored by Primed was held in Chengdu, Sichuan, China.

 2014, September, the new animal facility of Primed got the operating licence.

 2014, May, Primed was supported by government as an innovative medicines platform.

 2013,Collaboration with Chinese pharmaceutical companies.

 2013, Primed signed Strategic Partnersip Agreement with UF, Emory University and Brown.

 2013, August, Primed’s headquarter was set up in Bio-Tianfu Park of Chengdu Hi-tech Zone as a key project, opening of 30,000 ft2 lab.

 2013,Development of other disease models.

 2013, March, Primed joined the Molecular Imaging Union of Department of Science and Technology.

 2011, Monkey disease model with multimodality medical imaging.

 2010, Collaboration with universities: Chicago, Florida, Emory.


 2007, Focus on T2DM dyslipidemia model development.

 2005, National Rhesus Monkey Resource Center, Primed’s predecessor, was set up in Ya’an.

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