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PriMed Shines │Invited Oral Presentation and Poster Presented at Keystone Symposium

Time:2017-03-09 10:27:00


Keystone Symposium-Bile Acid Receptors as Signal Integrators in Liver and Metabolism was held in Monterey, CA from March 3-8, 2017. Research scientists from all over the world attended this symposium focused on the genetics, structure and functions of bile acid receptors in NASH and metabolic disease as well as latest information on NASH basic research and drug development. PriMed CSO Professor. Fabao Gao, Chief Consultant Professor Barbara. C Hansen and Senior Vice President Dr. Li Gong attended this conference to discuss with scientists about our latest research and exchange ideas on liver disease. Professor Hansen gave an oral presentation regarding NASH research non-human primate- Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD) in Obese Nonhuman Primates (NHPs) is Comparable to Humans for Metabolic Features, Histology and Imaging and our relevant poster is presented at the symposium. 

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