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PriMed Shines | Treatment of Chronic Heart Failure: Optimal Non-human Primate Model

Time:2017-03-15 16:58:00


Company Location: High-tech Zone, Chengdu, China

Company Website: www.primed.com.cn

PriMed Biotech is establishing a fully-integrated monkey Imaging Center and Translation Research Platforms for novel drug discovery with an investment of over 300M RMB. 

Research and development pipeline focuses on the translational biomarkers research and novel drug development in disease areas such as chronic pain, NAFLD/NASH, kidney diseases, CNS diseases, and fibrosis (heart, liver, and kidney) to enable translational research, de-risk drug discovery and make a Go or No-Go decision. Our scientific advisory committee consists of 9 global research scientists in the field of non-human primate model research and molecular imaging research. 

Research Highlights  

Novel drug screening platform for the treatment of chronic heart failure: optimal non-human primate model coupled with non-invasive medical imaging.

Capability and Technical Advantages

PriMed Heart Failure NHP Capability: 

Set up 230 dysmetabolic rhesus ECHO database     

With longitudinal (>5 years) medical records, including echo, clinical pathology, body weight, food intake, vet treatment and dosing record.

~60 dyslipidemia rhesus with systolic dysfunction.

~100 pre-diabetic/diabetic rhesus with diastolic dysfunction were identified.

Imaging Capability: 

Extensive Echo and MRI experienceswith monkey cardiac testing

Equipped with advanced Echo, MRI and CVI software and EchoPAC Software onsite.

Cardiac function (Echo, MRI tagging).

Myocardial fibrosis (T1ρ, T1 mapping).

Myocardial microcirculation (MRI perfusion, oxygen extraction fraction.

30-year imaging expert as CSO, an echo team with 8 employees (>2 years experience). 

Onsite Advanced Imaging Platforms and Work Station

- GE Vivid S5 Color Doppler Ultrasound for cardiac function detection

- SIMENS 3.0T MRI for cardiac tissue characterization and fibrosis quantification

- CVI software and EchoPAC Software Only image work station cardiac imaging data analysis

- GE B40i Monitor for blood pressure monitoring

- Roche c501 and e601 biomarker research

- ThermoFisher UHPLC for GFR detection of renal function

State-of-the-art Nonhuman Primate Facility and High Animal Welfare. 

Our AAALAC fully-accredited animal facility provides full-time veterinarians and high animal welfare to guarantee animal mental and physical health.

PriMed has been dedicated to non-human primate research for over 12 years. A professional scientific committee of research scientists in chronic heart failure and myocardial fibrosis was set up by PriMed for further development and application of this NHP model.  Our scientific advisory committee members include PriMed CSO Dr. Fabao Gao, Chief Consultant Dr. Barbara C. Hansen from University of South Florida, Dr. Samuel C. Dudley from Brown University and Dr. Timothy Kern from Case Western Reverse University.

We believe that Primed Shines research platform will provide insight of the pathogenesis of clinical heart failure research and therapeutic approaches to help you to make A Go or No-Go Decision and de-risk the clinical development.

Email : bd@scprimed.com

Tel : +86-28-85921823

Fax : +86-28-62491302

Zip code : 610041

Address : Floor 5, Incubator B4,Tianfu Life & Science Park, No. 88 Southern Keyuan Road,High-tech Zone, Chengdu, Sichuan, China, 610041

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