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Wen Zeng, DVM, PhD

President and Chief Executive Officer

With over 20 years of research experience in druggability of new compounds, NHP disease model and translational medicine, Dr. Zeng founded Primed Shines Biotech in 2013. As an entrepreneur, she has received numerous awards and recognitions, including expert of Chengdu Talents Plan (2014) and Sichuan Talents Plan (2015). Prior to founding Primed, she served as Director of China Pharmaceutical Drug Safety Evaluation Center (GLP) for 5 years.

Dr. Wen Zeng is a member of the Chinese Pharmacological Society toxicology professional committee, member of the fifth Chinese Veterinary Pharmacopoeia Commission, Expert of new drug review of China Food and Drug Administration (CFDA) and expert of GLP inspection. She worked as PI for more than 20 research and industrial projects. She has accomplished the drug efficacy evaluation of over 100 compounds and over 10 first-in-calss drugs have been submitted to FDA and CFDA for IND application. During 2013 and 2017, she has established cooperation with big pharmas including Merck and research institutions such as MRCT and Brown University.

Fabao Gao, MD, PhD

Chief Scientific Officer

Dr. Gao brings more than 30 years of radiologist experience to his role at Primed. His research and publications focus on cardiovascular research. He came back to China from the US after working at the Johns Hopkins Hospital for 6 years.  He has co-authored over 110 peer-reviewed scientific articles. As CSO, he is in charge of the development and implementation of scientific strategy throughout different departments of Primed. He works as principle investigator for multiple national projects including 7 National Natural Science Foundation Projects and 1 Major Clinical Projects of Ministry of Health. 

He serves as Vice Chairman of China's Biophysics of Molecular Imaging Committee, and Deputy Head of the molecular imaging group of Chinese Society of Radiology. He also serves on several editorial boards for publications including "International Journal of Magnetic Resonance Imaging", "Chinese Journal of nuclear medicine and molecular imaging", "international medical radiology", "applied Radiology magazine", and "functional and molecular imaging". Second prize of military scientific and technological progress, third prize of national scientific and technological progress.

Barbara C. Hansen, PhD

Senior Consultant

Dr. Barbara Hansen is responsible for overseeing Nonhuman primate disease model development and colony management. She has over 30 years of experience in NHP research including physiological, cellular, and molecular defects underlying the development of obesity and diabetes mellitus and their prevention, as well as the long-term prevention of diabetic complications. 

She is professor of Internal Medicine & Pediatrics at University of South Florida. Member of FDA advisory committee, NAS /IOM, fellow at AAAS. Other professional and academic memberships include American Society for Nutrition, American Aging Association, International Association for the Study of Obesity (first president), The Obesity Society (first president), American Physiological Society, American Diabetes Association, American Obesity Association, and European Association for the Study of Diabetes. She is PI of more than 30 NIH studies of pharmaceuticals and basic mechanisms. She has published over 200 publications in biomedical journals and edited numerous books. She serves on several editorial boards for peer-reviewed journals such as Diabetes/Metabolism Research and Reviews, Obesity Research, and International Diabetes Monitor.  

Vince Phillip Meador, PhD, DVM

Senior Consultant

Dr. Vince Phillip Meador is responsible for overseeing pathology research of nonhuman primate. Hehas over 20 years of experience in pathology research.


Co-Founder/Owner, Adams Apple Cider, LLC. Served as Vice president and Global Head of Pathology in Covance, director of toxicology department in Amgen, director of Toxicology and pathology department in Eli Lilly, and lead researcher in Schering-Plough.Veterinarian in National Animal Disease Center of United States Department ofAgriculture. Examining committee chief of veterinary pathology of US universities. His researches focus on anatomy and clinical pathology, and with over 20 years research experience in pathology he has published many books and peer-reviewed articles.

Li Gong, PhD

Senior Vice President, Head of R&D

Dr.Li Gong is in charge of Primed’s overseas projects and experimentally induced disease models development. He started his academic career as a postdoctoral researcher at Fudan University in 2007. 

Before he joined Primed Shines Bio-tech, he worked as Chief Scientific Officer of Center for Safety Study & Evaluation of SINOPHARM Group. As a Study Director, he has over 10 yearsof experience in safety and efficacy studies using nonhuman primates, especially ophthalmic diseases, NAFLD/NASH, radiation syndrome, osteoporosis and arthritismodels. He is PI of 5 National studies of pharmaceuticals and basic mechanisms. He has co-authored 30 peer-reviewed scientific articles and edited 2 books inthe area of pharmacology.

Fangtong Wang

Senior Vice President

Prof. Wang is in charge of the system management of the animal facilities and research laboratories in PriMed. She is also IACUC Chair. Additionally, she is responsible for antitumor efficacy programs.

Prior to joining PriMed, Prof. Wang was deputy director of Safety Evaluation Research Center (GLP Center) of China National Pharmaceutical Group. In the meantime, she was deputy director of the pharmaceutical research laboratory of Sichuan Industrial Institute of Antibiotics of China Pharmaceutical Group. She has been engaged in the research of the new drug safety evaluation for 10 years and antitumor efficacy for more than 20 years.

Prof. Wang graduated from China Pharmaceutical University in 1989. She worked on screening antitumor and antibiotic active substances in Taisho Pharmaceuticl Co. in Japan in 1996-1997.

Xiaoxi Liu

Chief Financial Officer

Xiaoxi Liu is responsible for the administrative, financial, and risk management . Xiaoxi has more than 30 years of experience in legal affairs, financial management as well as finance and investment. His work mainly includes assets appraisal, accounting audit, engineering cost and capital operation. Before cofounding Primed, he worked at College of Mathematics, College of Computer Science of Sichuan University for over 20 years.

Zunyuan Yang

Vice President

Zunyuan Yang is responsible for leading Primed’s dysmetabolic diseases division. He leads a team focusing on type 2 diabetes, hyperlipidemia, obesity, diabetic nephropathy, non-alcoholic fatty liver diseases NHP models research. He joined Primed in 2013 after he received his M.S. degree from Sichuan Industrial Institute of Antibiotics, majoring in pharmacology.

With over 8 years of experience in non-human primates dysmetabolic diseases model sresearch and CRO services management, Zunyuan has worked as Study Director for more than 70 studies in non-human primates in the areas of diabetes and metabolic diseases. He has authored more than 10 papers in peer-reviewed journals.

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